Background and History

Islamic Association of North America (IANA), formerly known as The North American Council of Somali Imams (NACSI), was founded in the year 2001 to meet the religious and social needs of Muslim societies in North America. As a response to the changing realities of Muslim communities, IANA repositions itself to effectively reach diverse Muslim communities across the country. IANA is a nationwide umbrella organization with over twenty six centers and organizations that currently have permanent board members in the general assembly that governs it.



A united and vibrant Muslim community that upholds the universal Islamic values of unity, collaboration and community service



To transform Islamic Association of North America into an effective grassroots organization that builds its capacity, enhance strong collaboration with key stakeholders, and better serve and represent Islam and its universal values through quality community services.


Strategic Goals

1. To develop and maintain advocacy platforms to advance the goals and agenda of IANA.

2. Developing next cadre of leaders with strong ethics, morals and citizenship

3. Helping bridge the understanding gap of Islam and Muslims within the society at large by presenting the true face of Islam

4. Strengthening the human and financial capacities of member organizations

5. Representing Muslim communities on national levels and speaking on behalf of member organizations on all matters concerning Muslims