Social justice issues are taking the front burner in the United States. Irrespective of the social justice issues such as racial discrimination, gender discrimination, or deconstructing Islamophobia, these issues have become recurring in our nation and they need to be dealt with.

The steady growth of social media users in recent years has increased the growth of inequality in the country and the American people have been observing it. A certain percentage of the population believes that racial discrimination in the legal system has no end in sight and it has become a scourge. A group known as Black lives matter has been leading the charge against racial discrimination. The group didn’t come to the realization that social justice and equality is prevalent to our lives.

In today’s world, social justice has been welcomed. The main aim is to make sure that irrespective of the social diversity (nationality, religion, community and ethnicity) people receive is equal treatment from the state, institutions, legal rights and protection and the states to be fair in giving educational grants, freedom and various other services. If certain people are given preferences over others, then there is social injustice and this is totally unacceptable. The states are put in check by the constitution so that they can be fair when giving out social justice opportunities.

The U.S. Council of Muslim Organization (USCMO) organized the 3rd annual Muslim advocacy at the Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. and Sh. Hassan Jama executive director of  Islamic Association of North America (IANA). The gathering consisted of different local, regional and national organizations that are based in the Unites States. These groups have managed and set up the annual advocacy program from its inception.

The meeting was graced with the attendance of Muslim leaders who promoted their political agendas and connected with different congressional leaders. The main agenda of the gathering was to fight the social injustice American Muslims face every day and to oppose the President Trump’s Muslim ban. They wanted the U.S constitution to protect American Muslims, protect immigration communities, end racial discrimination and religious profiling. The U.S constitution recognizes the rights of American Muslims and the Islamic organizations supports that. The aim of the law is to alert the United States Congress to reject President Trump’s anti-Muslim executive orders.

The American public was misled by the president’s team that the case is of national security and it required upmost attention. If the president succeeds in getting this bill passed into law it will allow American Muslims travelers to be harassed and questioned about their religious beliefs and this can cause a problem in the future for American Muslims. Various lawmakers showed their support. They devised a plan that blocked the anti-Muslim policy.  They also promised to be fair in making national laws and other values. IANA and different Islamic organizations around the country supported the plan to protect the immigrant communities. DACA reduced the secure communities program.

The people wanted the politicians to plan on how to make 11 million undocumented residents into citizens. The plan has not been fully accepted but the current administration laws don’t accept the minority rights that reside in the country. The threat that Muslims might be banned was made clear but the fear that they might be deported is also another cause for concern. The U.S congress has been told to act decisively concerning the matter by the Muslim organizations.

Two companion bills were put on the house floor and it was supported by the Islamic organizations. The bills were aimed at stopping racial discrimination and religious profiling. It is aimed at preventing the law enforcement agencies from racially discriminating and doing religious profiling on the minorities. A certain percentage of the congress believed that these ways were not unacceptable and it contradicts the core American values. The different Muslim organizations combined their efforts and asked that the Congress put an end to racial discrimination and religious profiling that the current administration supported. The American Muslims are in a tight situation. The opposition is constantly attacking them. The constant increase in Islamophobia from the elite in the society is increasing.  They decided to guide themselves from these problems. Islam instructs Muslims to stand firmly for justice.

IANA once again shows its gratitude to the Muslim Organizations who were present, showed their support and especially the US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO). IANA will forever be grateful for the support you showed us and we urge you to continue the good work.

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