IANA praises the court’s decision!

court’s decision!

IANA praises the court’s decision! As you all know, about a while ago, a new president took office and swiftly authorized different executive orders. One of the actions he took was banning seven majority Muslim immigrants and we believe it’s of great concern to one specific religion, Islam.  

On Feb. 9th, 2017, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled against reinstating President Trump’s Muslim ban. This means that the president’s intended ban is blocked and immigrants from those countries can freely travel to the United States.

IANA Executive Director, Sh. Hassan Jama praised the court’s actions on blocking the executive order’s Muslim ban and thanks to the judges’ historic decision. IANA’s executive director stated that “religious and race discrimination is unconstitutional and is wrong”

Islamic Association of North America (IANA) is currently aware that several Islamic organizations and Muslim individuals have filed lawsuits about the unconstitutionality of the Muslim ban order. IANA is reminding you all that the legal battles over the ban will continue and encourages Muslim Americans to be hopeful that the better good days are ahead of us.


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