Press Release on (TSA) racial profiling against the Somali-Americans


IANA, CAIR MN, Muslim Leaders held a press conference today at Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic Center in Minneapolis Minnesota regarding Transportation of Security Administration’s (TSA) racial profiling against the Somali-Americans.

Black lives matter, Anti Islamaphopia, Somali community leaders and the press have attended to bring light to the issue. Executive Director of Islamic Association of North America (IANA), Sh. Hassan Jama said “We came here today to call an end of racial profiling and discrimination of any kind against Muslim Americans, especially Somali American” Sh. Hassan added “Muslim-American Leaders are calling TSA to Stop Racial, Ethnic, Religious and National Origin Profiling Immediately today” The conference’s whole purpose was to demand an independent investigation and urged other Americans to support it.


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