Thousands marched for Immigrants, Refugees in Minneapolis, MN

Refugees in Minneapolis, MN

The demonstration took place in the hearts of South Minneapolis. The protest was started from Powder-horn Park and protesters caused Lake Street road closure, one of the busiest streets in south Minneapolis and it’s where a lot of Somali Americans reside. Majority of the people who took part of it were non-Muslim Americans. A handful of Somali Americans attended the demonstration. For future protests, several community leaders within the Somali community encouraged the need to show their full support and to be well organized. Other American minority groups came to show support that they wanted to stand with “those affected by President Trump’s travel ban”.

The executive director of Islamic Association of North America (IANA), Sh. Hassan Jama was one of the people who was present at the Powder-horn protest. Organizers of the protest welcomed him proudly. He encouraged Muslims in the country to stand up for their rights and to represent themselves collectively. He later thanked the organizers, anti-war and other groups who came to the march to show their support.

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