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Opioid Education and awareness

Partial Funding this campaign will collect all funds raised by Mar 31, 2021 11:45 PM

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Youth Opioid Addiction is a sensitive topic that needs delicate care. For those who are dealing with substance abuse, it may seem very lonely and that they are the only ones going through such a tumultuous point in their lives. The fact of the matter is that it is a communal pandemic that we must all have a place in assisting and supporting those who are dealing with substance abuse. Whether that is awareness, education, or financial aid. To better support the youth in these situations, there has to be honesty and no judgment. In our community, Somalis are known for resilience throughout how difficult times get. We are also known for being able to support our families when they need us the most. So we must be always be questioning how we can best be of resource and support to youth dealing with substance abuse. Thankfully, in the past few years’ societies have opened up many shunned away topics such as substance abuse. That small opening is what we must use to further push the envelope of this conversation. These conversations that investigate the whys should then lead to taking what we learn into practical, tactical ways to support our youth, especially in our Islamic organizations. Our mosques and centers should center on faith-based healing and relevant, impartial assistance.  It is mentioned that a mosque is supposed to be used as a palace of cure and that should extend to those dealing with substance abuse. Somalis are resilient but deserve to heal as well. Our organizations and centers need to be best equipped on how to create and develop programs that best serve the youth and how to teach parents how to support their children. Studies have shown that youth that deals with substance abuse often lack essential developmental assets.

This year, IANA will partner with a research institution, health professionals, and youth to deeply understand how the lack of essential developmental assets can affect the growth of an adolescent and how we can bridge those gaps. This research will provide us with hard data that will dramatically change how we approach and deal with the conversation of how we deal with the youth. After the research has been conducted, there will be a follow-up program put into place that will focus on prevention and support.

It is fundamental that the work to research substance abuse must be planned with data. This data will help health professionals and community leaders to deeply understand substance abuse in a pragmatic way. This will aid organizers to create programs tailored to the needs of Somali Muslim Youth. It is vital that the intersection of identities met must be addressed when dealing with substance abuse. Change begins with educating and raising awareness.

Each community member has a role in supporting our youth. Become part of the cause for change by supporting this campaign. Our collective push to further awareness and education on substance abuse starts with you. Donate here:  https://www.launchgood.com/campaign/youth_opiod_awareness#!/