IANA Stands In Solidarity With Palestine


IANA Shows Solidarity With Palestine

The Islamic Association of North America (IANA) condemns the merciless killings that the Palestinian people have been facing under Israeli occupation throughout Palestine and especially in east Jerusalem and the Gaza strip. Many innocent lives continue to be taken in the most gruesome ways, a lot of those innocent lives are women and children. This is a genocide happening right in front of our eyes and yet nothing is being done to protect the lives of the Palestinian people. Defenseless civilians sleep at night wrapped in layers for they may wake up to airstrikes. Schools, media buildings, and other Palestinian-owned build structures are bombed day in and day out without cause. Al-Shifaa Hospital and Al-Jalaa Tower (in it was the Associated Press and Al-Jazeera) were among the important buildings demolished. Not only is it the lives of the Palestinian people being taken without a second thought, it is also the places of healing for the injured and the media outlets that inform us of the gruesome details.


During the holy month of Ramadan, Palestinian worshippers have had their places of worship attacked. Notably, during the night prayers, Masjid Al-Aqsa was overtaken by Israeli soldiers that used forces such as grenades and tear gas. 217 have been killed in Gaza and 1,500 have been injured. They have also been displaced from their own homes by force in neighborhoods such as Sheikh Jarrah so that settlers may take over their homes. 52,000 Palestinians have been displaced from their homes. These illegal expansions continue to evict Palestinian families from their homes. This sadly is not new to Palestinians and has been going on since 1948. The Palestinian people continue to have their basic human rights abused and suffer grave mistreatments. Israel receives billions of dollars in foreign aid from America. Our tax dollars are further aiding the abuse of the Palestinian people. We must stand with the Palestinians suffering this injustice and help protect the human rights of Palestinians. We must raise awareness within our communities and demand the end of Israel's violent attacks and forced evictions toward the Palestinian people.


We once again reiterate our solidarity with the Palestinian people, including their rights to self-determination. We urge everyone to contact their representatives in the House of Representatives and in the Senate to demand them to raise awareness, stand in solidarity with Palestinians, and begin to introduce change. The federal administration claims to be humanitarian centered, but how can that be when it supports apartheid, ethnic cleansing, occupation, and genocide. Biden's administration must cease its support of the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. The continued tired rhetoric that "Israel has the right to defend itself," is an invalid saying that cannot be used as an excuse for the bombing and murders of innocent Palestinian people. There must be security and safety provided to protect the health and lives of Palestinians. We must continue to share information, raise awareness, and donate to the Palestinian people. It is not only their right upon us, but our duty as humans to help those oppressed. We pray that Allah brings justice for the Palestinian people for He is The Most Just. 

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