IANA Annual Da'wah Appreciation Night


IANA Annual Da'wah Appreciation Night

Assalamu Alaykum! 


On Friday August 20, 2021 we had our first IANA Annual Da'wah Appreciation Night at the Bullard Rainforest Auditorium. This event was well attended and focused on appreciating the volunteers and workers of the Islamic centers and other Da’wa entities in Minnesota. We acknowledged our Dawah-focused community members to make sure truly their hard work does not go unnoticed and unappreciated. We also exchanged information and new ideas regarding refining our focus and tools in Da’wa so that we may now go back to our communities and do our job better. We hope and pray that this event has increased and strengthened our unity between all our da'wah entities and organizations. Our aim is to promote brotherhood and sisterhood in our Da’wa communities and appreciate each other’s efforts and that goal has been highlighted at the event. We praise Allah and appreciate His support to bring to these Islamic institutions in this highly regarded event. Also, special thanks goes to these organizations and Dawa entities for their support and attendance of the event: 

Abu Huraira Islamic Center Rochester, MN

Abu Huraira Masjid, Saint Anthony

Abubakar As-Sadique Islamic Center, Faribault

Abubakar As-Sadique Islamic Center, Minneapolis

Alhikma Islamic Center, Minneapolis

Al-Ihsan Islamic Center, Saint Paul

Assunnah Islamic Center, Saint Paul

Bayan Research Center of America, St Anthony

Bidayah, Minneapolis

Bilal Dawa Center, Minneapolis

Business Community Members

Dar Al Farooq Center, Bloomington

Dar Al-Qalam Islamic Center, Minneapolis

Darul Iman Masjid, Saint Paul

Darul Uloom Islamic Center, Saint Paul

Dar-Us-Salam Mosque and Community Center, Burnsville

Hikma Academy, Minneapolis

Ilminate, Bloomington

Iqra Education Center, St Cloud

Irshad Islamic Center, Eden Prairie

Karmel Community Prayer Center, Minneapolis

Masjid Omar Islamic Center (mall 24), Minneapolis

Masjid Rawdah (Somali Cultural Institute), Minneapolis

Minnesota Dawah Institute, Saint Paul

Minnesota Dugsi Association, Saint Anthony

Muslim Society of Owatonna, Owatonna

Samaha Islamic Center, Shakopee

Stronger Together, Minneapolis

Success Leadership Center, Minneapolis

Tibyan Center for Quranic Sciences, Minneapolis

Umatul Islam Center, Minneapolis

Value, Identify, Breath, Excellence (VIBE), Burnsville


May this be a step forward in continued unity between our brothers and sisters in the Da'wah sphere and may we continue to work in the path of Allah. Please be on the lookout for upcoming events inshaAllah!

Jazakumullahu kheiran.

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