IANA Welcomes The Ambassador to the OIC


IANA Welcomes The Ambassador to the OIC

IANA welcomed the permanent representative of Somalia to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), H. E. Ambassador Abdirazak Siyad Abdi to Minnesota. IANA Board chair Sh. Mohamed Mursal, IANA General Assembly and fatwa committee member Dr. Waleed Al-Maneese, Sh. Ahmed Anshur member of IANA Advisory Committee, Sh. Mohamed Omar, a member of IANA General assembly received and welcome at the MSP international airport.

On Tuesday morning October 1, 2019 IANA and other local organizations had an intimate meeting with Ambassador Abdirazak Siyad Abdi and IANA imams from Minnesota and other local Imam’s at Masjid Dar Farooq. This meeting was facilitated by our Executive Director Sheikh Hassan Jama. Ambassador Abdi is a well-learned man who received both his post-secondary and post-graduate degrees from universities in the United Kingdom. Prior to his post with the foreign ministry, Ambassador Abdi lived and worked in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as an instructor at King Saud University and the Saudi Arabian Naval Forces. The Ambassador explained that he frequently commuted in front of the OIC headquarters in Jeddah and saw the Somali flag. He researched OIC and their mission and role, and later took the initiative and took the right channels to become the Somali Ambassador to the OIC. Ambassador Abdi faced many adversities but explained that being a public servant like him is very rewarding however it also keeps him up at night because it is an amaneh or trust from Allah and he has to answer to both the Somali people and Allah.

The local Imams and Mashayekh gave an update on the current situation of Somalis and Muslims within the United States and engaged with the Ambassador.

As IANA we are proud of Ambassador Abdi and his hard work on behalf of the Somali people. We are thankful to all those who took part in our discussion.



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