Get the vaccine


Get the vaccine

Today Imam Hassan Jama from IANA, Imam Mohamed Bihi from Samaha, and Mu'athin Omar Dhaqane from Abubakar Mosque received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccination with the City of Minneapolis Health Department! The process was quick and simple. The Imams and clergy of Minnesota have been working extremely hard to educate the community and raise awareness in terms of COVID-19, testing, and the new vaccine.

They have also been working to link the resources that the community needs by removing any language and cultural barriers and opening avenues of resources such as the IANA COVID-19 Community Coordinator. We encourage our community members to take the COVID-19 vaccination when it becomes able for them to do so, especially our Somali elders! This is one step closer to not only keeping us as individuals safe but protecting the health of our community at large. Special thanks go to Stephanie Graves, Sumaya Noor, and the City of Minneapolis Health Department. Thank you Imams for putting first the well-being of our community!

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